2011. április 1., péntek

Lace pram, and my 1:1 fairies

Dear Patty! Thank you for the kind words. Here I show, my little girls. Rebeka is 16 month old, and she is a little fairy. Eszter, will be 4 years old, on the 18th of April, and I'm very proud of her, because she started the nursery scool, on this week, and she is a very smart big girl. They, and my husband are my life.

 And this is my other work, from the last half year. I get a lace bowl for christmas, and this give me the idea.

The pram was made of lace ribbon, which I stiched, then I starched with sugar and water, and leaved to dry on a form. The wheels are wood, the "coachwork" is wire. I like it very much. :)

2011. március 30., szerda

tile tutorial

in the last half year I have no any time to write in my blog, or anyhow to makie miniatures. My little girl started to walk, and I have to look after her every second. I started to work again, and when I'm not working, than I 'm with my family, or make the houseworks. Sometimes i was stolen 1-2 hours for making minis. I trying to make wall tile long time ago. This is my best tile, what I ever made. I write, how I do it, perhaps it will be useful someone else too.
Materials: white Fimo, transparent tape (or any kind of paper, which dont suck the ink), long cutting blade
At first I searched a tile pattern, on internet
Then I printed the pattern to a normal paper, wich I glued with tape, to prevent the absorbing the ink to the paper. Then I put the printed pattern to the outstretched fimo, and push it to the surface of the fimo.
So the picture was moved to the fimo. Then vith the blade, I push lines to the fimo to imitate the holes between the tiles. Then I burned out on 100 °C 15-20minutes. 


This is an other pattern to my dollhouse kitchen

2010. augusztus 27., péntek

2010. augusztus 22., vasárnap

Dining room in my hand

I decided to finish my first dollhouse. It is waiting until 2 years for finishing. I get it as a christmas present from my husband, because he knew, how much I would have like to get one.It is a half scale miniature victorian dollhouse kit, looks like as a 3D wood puzzle, but I made some extra wall and decoration. I will pick up more pictures about the house, but at this moment I'm not at home.

Now I made the first furnitures. A dining room set.

2010. augusztus 11., szerda

alchemist laboratory and trumpet vine

The works of the last two weeks. The trumpet vine is my second try to make miniature flower, and I enjoyed it very much, but it is very much time to make. It is my big problem. My older daughter is 3,5 years old, and the little is 8 month, so the time is What I have the fewest thing. Even so, I think I will make many flowers in the future. At first my favorit flowers: iris, fox-glove, delphinium, hollyhock and rose.

The second mini what I made on last weekend, is a little gift for my husband for 5th anniversary of our marriage. It will be on the 3rd of september, so I hope that he didnt follow my english blog. He is chemist engineer, so I made for him a little alchemist laboratory,where a love-potion is brew. I get many ideas for this miniature from this blog. http://nikkinikkinikki72.blogspot.com/ Many thanks for it. This is a half scale miniature, in a real laboratory flask. 

2010. július 29., csütörtök


Köszöntöm új követőimet. Remélem élvezni fogjátok a blogomat.
Welcome to my new followers! I hope you will enjoy my blog.  Here you can find the English version of my blog, or click on the link at the top of the page ('read it in english')

Give a present is a big joy!

On Monday a had a very lovely work. I made a little gift for Bözse. http://mytinyworldfromhungary.blogspot.com/
Today the post was arrived, to Bözse, and I'm happy, because she likes my miniatures. I hope, that she will enjoy to see them, at least as much, as I enjoy to make them.

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday, dear Bözse!

Tuesday, I had a good day too. I get my newest things, what I bought on vatera. It is a hungarian auction website. I'm glad, because it is a very curio capture in Hungary.