2011. március 30., szerda

tile tutorial

in the last half year I have no any time to write in my blog, or anyhow to makie miniatures. My little girl started to walk, and I have to look after her every second. I started to work again, and when I'm not working, than I 'm with my family, or make the houseworks. Sometimes i was stolen 1-2 hours for making minis. I trying to make wall tile long time ago. This is my best tile, what I ever made. I write, how I do it, perhaps it will be useful someone else too.
Materials: white Fimo, transparent tape (or any kind of paper, which dont suck the ink), long cutting blade
At first I searched a tile pattern, on internet
Then I printed the pattern to a normal paper, wich I glued with tape, to prevent the absorbing the ink to the paper. Then I put the printed pattern to the outstretched fimo, and push it to the surface of the fimo.
So the picture was moved to the fimo. Then vith the blade, I push lines to the fimo to imitate the holes between the tiles. Then I burned out on 100 °C 15-20minutes. 


This is an other pattern to my dollhouse kitchen