2010. július 29., csütörtök


Köszöntöm új követőimet. Remélem élvezni fogjátok a blogomat.
Welcome to my new followers! I hope you will enjoy my blog.  Here you can find the English version of my blog, or click on the link at the top of the page ('read it in english')

Give a present is a big joy!

On Monday a had a very lovely work. I made a little gift for Bözse. http://mytinyworldfromhungary.blogspot.com/
Today the post was arrived, to Bözse, and I'm happy, because she likes my miniatures. I hope, that she will enjoy to see them, at least as much, as I enjoy to make them.

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday, dear Bözse!

Tuesday, I had a good day too. I get my newest things, what I bought on vatera. It is a hungarian auction website. I'm glad, because it is a very curio capture in Hungary.

2010. július 20., kedd


I hope that Bözse (http://mytinyworldfromhungary.blogspot.com/2010/07/when-i-cant-see-what-im-doing.html)  will not be angry, but I had to try what can I take with this nut theme. My nuts are a little bit bigger (4-5 mm) than Bözse's one, so I have to work yet with it. :o)

Early Christmas

Christmas is my favorit feast, so my dollhouse can't be without a christmas tree. I found a very god beaded christmas tree at a Russian website. Here you find the pictures of the tutorial, and I try to translate the text. (http://biserhipez.narod.ru/photoalbum21.html)

The top appears rather unambiguous based on the pictures.(1-3. pictures) It's necessary 45 cm wire.

The second level 4 pieces of limbs, with 3 sprigs. every sprig contains 3 green-2 brown-3 green bead. 25 cm wire.
Third level: 4 pieces 30 cm wires,4 limbs with 5-5 sprigs (7. picture)
The fourth level: 8 pieces 30 cm wires, 8 limbs, with 5-5 sprigs. The first 3 sprigs contains 3 green-2 brown-3 green bead, the other two only 6 green beads. Have to twine two of these limbs, to have a bigger limb. (9. picture)

Fifth level: 4 pieces 35 cm of wire, four limbs with 7-7 sprigs,the colours visible on the picture,there is brown pearl, only three of the sprigs.
Sixth level is the same as the fourth. 8 pieces of 30 cm wires 5 sprigs twine two of them, but here have to whip round one of the limb, with a 20 cm wire for 12 times, than add the other limb and whip round both of them more 15 times. (10 picture)

Seventh level: 4 pieces of 60 cm wire,4 limbs 2x 7-7 sprigs,(11-12 pictures)

Eighth level: 4 pieces of 60 cm ones and 4 pieces of 30 cm wires. It is shows  the 13 picture,what kind of sprigs it is necessary to make of them (from the 30 cm one, the limb with 5 sprigs, from the 60 cm one the limb with 7 and 6 sprigs. Than have to twine them as you can see at picture 14. You have to whip round with an other wire 15 times.

Nineth level: Is the same as eighth, but at the end, have to whip round 18 times.

Tenth level: Is the same as eighth, but at the end, have to whip round 22 times.

Compilation: From above to down have to continually bracket the limbs and whip round with wire.  The distance of branches increase gradually, from 0,8cm to 1,2 cm.

I hope it is understandable. I have only 8 levels, because I was gone out of beads.


Welcome to my new followers! I hope you will enjoy my blog.

2010. július 13., kedd

Dollhouse for children

This is the first dollhouse of my older girl. She was 2 years old, when she get it. The house is my own work, but the furnitures are not.

Here you find the printable version of the wallpapers. Perhaps someone can use it to make an own dollhouse for the big joy of a little girl.

living room



nursery room

the door

2010. július 10., szombat

good day of homeless faries

It is not a real miniature, but I crawing for make this project for a long time. I hade three homeless flower faries. So, now they have home! It is true that the furnitures and some tiny acessories are missing, but my husband ask me to leave over the solving of fairies's home question. He get fed up with sitting children for two days.

I didn't want, that the finished composition would be too heavy, so I made a hollow billet.
Than I haunted my backyard for sprays, bearings, snail-shells, and I looked for my old floristic acessories, and it would be the end: