2010. július 20., kedd

Early Christmas

Christmas is my favorit feast, so my dollhouse can't be without a christmas tree. I found a very god beaded christmas tree at a Russian website. Here you find the pictures of the tutorial, and I try to translate the text. (http://biserhipez.narod.ru/photoalbum21.html)

The top appears rather unambiguous based on the pictures.(1-3. pictures) It's necessary 45 cm wire.

The second level 4 pieces of limbs, with 3 sprigs. every sprig contains 3 green-2 brown-3 green bead. 25 cm wire.
Third level: 4 pieces 30 cm wires,4 limbs with 5-5 sprigs (7. picture)
The fourth level: 8 pieces 30 cm wires, 8 limbs, with 5-5 sprigs. The first 3 sprigs contains 3 green-2 brown-3 green bead, the other two only 6 green beads. Have to twine two of these limbs, to have a bigger limb. (9. picture)

Fifth level: 4 pieces 35 cm of wire, four limbs with 7-7 sprigs,the colours visible on the picture,there is brown pearl, only three of the sprigs.
Sixth level is the same as the fourth. 8 pieces of 30 cm wires 5 sprigs twine two of them, but here have to whip round one of the limb, with a 20 cm wire for 12 times, than add the other limb and whip round both of them more 15 times. (10 picture)

Seventh level: 4 pieces of 60 cm wire,4 limbs 2x 7-7 sprigs,(11-12 pictures)

Eighth level: 4 pieces of 60 cm ones and 4 pieces of 30 cm wires. It is shows  the 13 picture,what kind of sprigs it is necessary to make of them (from the 30 cm one, the limb with 5 sprigs, from the 60 cm one the limb with 7 and 6 sprigs. Than have to twine them as you can see at picture 14. You have to whip round with an other wire 15 times.

Nineth level: Is the same as eighth, but at the end, have to whip round 18 times.

Tenth level: Is the same as eighth, but at the end, have to whip round 22 times.

Compilation: From above to down have to continually bracket the limbs and whip round with wire.  The distance of branches increase gradually, from 0,8cm to 1,2 cm.

I hope it is understandable. I have only 8 levels, because I was gone out of beads.

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